Monday, 3 August

Ready—Or Not? Preparing For A Natural Disaster Begins At Home

As Hurricane Barry made landfall Saturday in Louisiana and later weakened to a tropical storm, the window of opportunity for reducing property risks had already begun closing for residents who don’t have a comprehensive disaster preparedness plan in place.

In fact, a survey in June by the Private Risk Management Association (PRMA) of nearly 100 insurance agents revealed that homeowners continue to be overly optimistic about their safety and property in the event of a natural disaster.

Seventy percent of agents stated that fewer than 50% of their clients evacuate when a category 3 hurricane or greater is forecast to significantly affect their region. Sixty-five percent say less than 10% of their clients take proactive measures, or risk mitigation plans, to protect their property such as installing inflatable barriers to prevent flood waters from entering the homes or moving collectibles and other valuables to a secure off-site location.

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